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Homework Policy


Homework enables pupils to practice skills taught, resulting in better understanding and retention of learning. In the process, pupils also cultivate good study habits. However, we understand that excessive homework can have adverse impact on pupils. Hence, the school seeks the understanding, support and collaboration of parents as our partners in education to ensure that homework works well for the children.

General guidelines on daily homework

The school seeks to ensure pupils’ wellbeing by not overloading them with homework assignments. We adopt the following guidelines to manage the workload of the pupils:

Primary One1 Hour
Primary Two1 Hour
Primary Three1 Hour 30 Minutes 
Primary Four 1 Hour 30 Minutes 
 Primary Five 2 Hours
Primary Six  2 Hours

Other guidelines on homework

During the school holidays, homework assignments will be issued. The school has worked out an estimated amount of time that pupils will spend on each subject during the duration.


Homework will not be given over festive periods during term time. A spelling activity/ test will also not be conducted on the school day after the festive period.

Roles of parents

Parents play an important part in the children’s education. Parents can consider doing the following to support their children in their learning:

·       Check your child’s Pupil’s Handbook daily to view the homework assignments for the day.

·       Spend time to go through your child’s school work.

·       Spend time to supervise your child in doing the homework assignments and learning through the homework assignments.

·       Remind your child to complete the school homework before doing tuition work (if any).

·       Do not do the work for your child.

·       Guide your child to set aside a regular study time and establish good study habits.

·       Consult teachers on your child’s progress.

Role of pupils

In order to benefit maximally from the value of homework, pupils should do the following on a daily basis:

·       Refer to the whiteboard in the classroom for the homework assignments.

·       Record the homework assignments in the Pupil’s Handbook.

·       Make sure that they understand what needs to be done for all the given homework assignments.

·       Do not be afraid to seek help from classmates, friends or teachers if they face any difficulty.

·       Organize their textbooks, workbooks, worksheets and files systematically.

·       Ensure that the homework assignments are brought home to be completed and not left in school.

·       Have a home study timetable.

·       Have a neat study area at home, which is away from distractions such as the television and the computer.

Feel free to contact the school should you have any feedback or concern pertaining to your child’s homework load. We look forward to working hand in hand with all parents to provide quality education for your children.