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Join Us!

We demand the best out of our children and we desire the best out of our children’s teachers. Let’s bring the best out of ourselves! We need the teachers to ignite the passion for learning in our children, to inspire/motivate them to strive for excellence and to set them on the right career path. The teachers, in turn, need our support and understanding. Let us work together to nurture our children and groom them to face the challenges of life confidently.



In summary:


  • be a role model to the children
  • be an active contributor as a stakeholder in your children's future
  • be acquainted with the school’s culture and teaching environment
  • to widen your social circle for a more enriched life


  • improved parenting skills and parent-child bond
  • know your child‘s form teacher for better communication
  • enhance your child’s self esteem
  • and recognize your self-worth
  • have an avenue for constructive feedbacks