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  • Briskwalking Event
  • Journey towards Success with My Child Part1 & Part 2 14/4/12 &19/5/12
  • Positive Self Esteem & Self Discipline for Success Workshop 22/03/2012 & 27/03/2012
  • Nurturing and Developing A Learning Resilient Child 11/2/2012


  • Create Treasured Family Moments 05/11/2011 
  • What Can Parents Do To Help Children Use Their Holiday Time Wisely 19/11/2011
  • Cyber Bullying & Relationships on the Internet 24/09/2011
  • PSG/SFE Love and Appreciation Day 13/08/2011
  • Reaching out the hands of love –Positive Parenting 13/08/2011


  • Talks held in 2010 and 2011
  • SFE Parenting Talk @ Si Ling Primary School “Raising a Motivated Child”
  • SFE Parenting Talk on How To Cope With Your Child Study Skills on 25th September 2010
  • SFE Parenting Talk By Ms. Lynette on 30th October 2010
  • SFE Parenting Talk on Cyber Wellness 20th November 2010
  • SFE Parenting Talk on “Talking To Your Children on Sex and Sexuality” 15th January 2011
  • SFE at INNOVA Primary School on 9th July 2010

Ongoing Events and Activities 

Learning Support Programmes 

These programmes are structured to enhance the ‘out-of-the-classroom’ experiences of our children under the Learning Support Programme. They provide them with an opportunity to interact with their peers and parent volunteers. Such experiences will enrich them socially as well as boost their confidence, thus enabling smoother learning journeys through their formal education.

Successes from such programmes motivate the teachers to further strategise and widen the curriculum, reaching out to benefit and develop more students.

Come forward to be part of these enlightening sessions. Do not worry about experiences as training and materials will be provided. What is important is the desire to help these children. If you are unsure, feel free to drop by and observe how the sessions are conducted.

To sign up or for further details, please e-mail psg_slps@ymail.com or leave a message with our SFE Coordinator, Ms Marilou, at tel. no. 62698832 ext 813.

For more pictures of these events, please go to our photo gallery.

Saturday Language Programme 

Frequency: Once a month on the second Saturday
Time: 9.30am to 11.00 pm

This programme was initiated and implemented by the PSG last year. Managed autonomously, it is to supplement the school’s Learning Support Programme (LSP) by revisiting the oral and aural aspects of the language through story-telling, role playing as well as art and craft. Held once a month, the programme caters to LSP students from the lower primary levels. 

Parent volunteers will work in pairs to facilitate the programme. Training and all materials required will be provided. Activities will be held in an ‘outside the classroom’ environment. 

Help us to inculcate in these students that reading can be fun.


Reading Mums

Frequency: Thrice a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Time: 11.55 am to 1.25 pm
Venue: School Library

This is a one-to-one buddy reading session. Each parent volunteer will be paired with a child for a 30-nminutes session, working on building the basic language and reading skill. Resources used include structured books and Dolch list.


P1 Maths Bridging Programme (LSM)

Frequency: Once a week – every Monday
Time: 11.55 am to 1.00 pm
Venue: LSM Room 

The P1 Maths Bridging programme aims to provide additional support to pupils who lack foundational numeracy skills and knowledge to be in the regular classroom. Using specially designed worksheets and resources, the pupils learn to solve simple mathematical problems through hands-on experiences. 

The PSG has been actively supporting this programme. A group of 10 parents has been coaching these pupils every Monday, from 11.55 am to 1.00 pm under the supervision of Mrs June Lau. More parents are needed to expand the programme to benefit more pupils. A warm welcome awaits you.


Brisk walking 

The PSG has been organizing brisk walking activities since May 2008 with the aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and family bonding for stakeholders of the school. Since its inception, Si Ling Brisk Walking Club has attracted a total of 725 members. The members include teachers, students and family members of all ages and races. 

The Club is supported by North West Community Development Council, Health Promotion Board and private organizations. Walks are conducted bi-monthly and usually starts with a 30minutes warm-up session followed by a walk around the neighbourhood. Due to popular demand, we have incorporated in Aerobics as well. 

Membership is open to teachers, staff and students of the school, including their family members. So, if you are interested, do email us at psg_slps@ymail.com or leave a message with Ms Marilou at tel. no. 62698832 ext 813.