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Student Leadership

Following the school’s student leadership pyramid, leadership opportunities and relevant trainings for all pupils are provided.

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In level 1, pupils learn to be ‘Leaders of Self and Values’ through assembly talks and discussions during FTGP lessons. Activities in school 

All level 2 task-specific student leaders are selected and trained on their task-specific roles by the respective teachers-in-charge to build on their ‘Basic Leadership’. For instance, the class monitors and ICT monitors are trained by the Student Leadership Committee and ICT department respectively. All other class operations monitors are trained by their subject teachers with the use of the school’s ‘Guide for Classroom Leadership’.  
All levels 3 and 4 student leaders are trained by the Student Leadership Committee to hone their ‘Advanced Leadership’ and ‘Outstanding Leadership’ skills. A selected group of these student leaders form the ‘Special-Projects Committee’ where they take charge to assist in school-level programmes like Teachers’ Day and plan and execute student-led activities like the ‘Students’ Suggestion Scheme’ (SSS). This year, our student leaders will be spearheading various interest groups for students before leaving the leadership responsibility to other students eventually. 

Here are some of the school’s key student leadership programmes: