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Our Programmes

We believe in designing a rich experience of learning that fosters joy of learning in students, providing them with opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills, while having fun and with the necessary rigor. 

Grow Me

Students have the opportunity to demonstrate the school’s values – perseverance and respect, as they patiently and lovingly wait for their seeds or caterpillar to reach the adult stage.  They hone their observation and communication skills as they record and present the growth of their ‘pets’.  They are also able to see the water cycle in action as they build their terrarium.

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Learning Trails

Our learning trails provide our students the opportunity to be out of the classroom to see the facts they read about in their textbooks. They are also able to apply concepts and skills to authentic contexts, and learn and think independently through self-exploration and observation, deepening their learning. 




Primary 3

Endangered Animals

Students embark on an interdisciplinary trail at the Singapore Zoo to discover endangered animals and learn about the threats to the animals’ survival in the wild. Students will also get a chance to see tropical crops and learn about their uses and benefits.

Primary 4

Healing Garden

Students are able to appreciate the importance of medicinal plants and the need to conserve this resource as they discover the medicinal properties of plants through self-exploration and apply knowledge in human systems to treat medical conditions given in tasks.

Primary 6

Renewable Source of Energy

Students explore an investigative trail to learn about renewable sources of energy.  Their aim is to find the best location to install a solar panel and a wind turbine.

Let’s Investigate! 

This activity requires students to demonstrate mastery of knowledge and skills through the application within the task. 



Primary 3

  • Classify objects into living and non-living things
  • Classify waterproof and non-waterproof materials
  • Build a boat that is able to float and provide reasoning to the choice of materials used

Primary 4

  • Classify objects according to their transparency and build a shadow puppet
  • Measure volume of marbles

Primary 5

  • Build and test a device that is able to obtain potable water
  • Design an electrical circuit to fulfil a set of conditions

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Young Scientist Magazine

To promote better learning of Science, we introduce the Young Scientist Magazine to students.
This encourages them to read beyond their textbooks. Students can pick up these magazines in the comfort of their own classes and explore the wonders of science through reading.  We aim to arouse students’ interest in science as they read how science influences most aspects of everyday life.