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Our Environment Ambassadors at Work

13th Elementz Project Competition

During the 13th Elementz Project Competition, the pupil Environment Ambassadors submitted their project – Sticky Milk where they made glue from milk.  During the project, they investigated how the amount of fats in milk affects its effectiveness as an adhesive.  They were awarded bronze and had the opportunity to share their findings with other schools.


My Treasure is Your Treasure

This programme ‘My Treasure is Your Treasure’ requests pupils to bring their treasures which of no use to them anymore like stationeries, school bags, toys and storybooks, to school to exchange for a bookmark during recess over a week. This bookmark, which includes how to practice reusing, is designed by the group members.

Pupils with the bookmarks can then pick up any of the displayed treasures, brought by other pupils, to exchange with their bookmarks. If they do not want to exchange with any of the displayed treasures, they can keep the bookmarks. This way, two things are being reused – the pupils’ treasures and the bookmarks.

Group Members

Members promoting 'My Treasure is Your Treasure' at the iCare Corner

Pupils queuing to exchange their treasures for bookmark

Pupil perusing their peers' treasures to exchange with his bookmark

Environment champions arranging the exchanged books
Environment Champions helping out

Greenwave Environmental Project - Curtain Lamp from Recycled materials

We have noticed the trend of people throwing plastic bottles away after use. Thus, our team consists of Nikish Shoben (5 Perseverance), Nur Musfirah(5 Perseverance), Nur Eynarah(5 Care) and Nur Farisha (5 Care) proposed to make curtain lamp using non-biodegradable products like plastic bottles.



We spend almost 2 days painting approximately over 100 plastic bottles.

After drilling holes through the plastic bottles, we fixed LED light on the plastic bottles.

Here is our final product!


With this project, we hope to encourage pupils to recycle non-biodegradable product like plastic bottles. This project reinforces pupils’ understanding of the Science Conservation Curriculum on top of teaching them the importance of recycling. The making of curtain lamp also allows us to have fun and enrich pupils’ learning at the same time.

Out of the 1000 schools which have participated in this Greenwave Competition, we have won the Encouragement Award. We are also proud to showcase our product to other schools.