ESP Activities

ESP includes experiential learning activities that seek to enrich students’ learning experience. The activities are mostly planned to align to the respective themes or the science topics, and they are either catered to students from a level or the whole school.


Everyone knows Professor Planet (affectionately known as Miss P)! She ignites a curiosity about the environment that goes beyond the classroom. In a light-hearted manner, she introduces today’s environmental issues and the role of technology in resolving them.
Esp2.PNG She aims to spark innovative ideas amongst students when they brainstorm for ideas during their Whizz Kid Projects. Students too have a chance to win prizes if they are able to answer her quizzes!

Let’s Recycle

Our student Environment Ambassadors organise “Let’s Recycle” programme to encourage their peers to do their part in environmental conservation. Students deposit recyclables into a bin placed in every classroom and the EAs will collect and weigh them. The amount of recyclables are tallied termly and the classes are awarded with either Gold, Silver or Bronze Award, according to the amount of recyclables they have contributed. This aims to motivate students to recycle as much as they can.
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iCARE Week

In conjunction with Earth Day, an annual event celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection, our students from the SciEinsteins Club (SEC) organises iCARE Week yearly. Held in Term 2, this is the time when everyone in school learns more about environmental conservation through play. 

Esp5.PNG The event starts with an assembly programme that highlights the environmental theme of the year. To promote environmental conservation to their peers in a fun and engaging manner, our students from the SCE perform short skits and show videos. Not only do our students enjoy the show by the SCE, students of the SCE also get to build their confidence and hone their communication skills.

Meanwhile, students are kept busy partaking in recess activities such as energy conservation trails, sorting trash into the right categories, finger puppets making using recycled materials, solar car challenge and windmill-making. Through these activities, we seek to convince others to appreciate the environment and inspire them to do their part in conserving the environment.
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Whizz Kid

Whizz Kid is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activity. We use case studies as active learning tools to develop students who think creatively and critically in solving environmental problems, and communicate and work effectively in teams as they apply science concepts to propose and test their solutions to real environmental problems. Whizz Kid aims to arouse students’ interest in learning beyond the classroom, equip students with 21st century skills and highlight to students real environmental issues.



Primary 3

Use recycled materials to build a boat

Primary 4

Design a green building

Primary 5

Build a device to obtain potable water

Leadership in ESP

Environment Ambassador

ESP provides opportunities for students to hone their leadership skills, igniting their desire to serve the school. Selected students will go through rounds of interview before being appointed as Environment Ambassadors. Duties of Environment Ambassadors include:

  • Sharing of environmental science topics and issues with their peers and public through talks and hands-on activities, during recess time and iCARE Week 
  • Organising of “Let’s Recycle” Programme 
  • Encouraging students to recycle their drink cartons during recess 
  • Watering of plants 
  • Conducting energy audit checks 
  •  Assisting in workshops like the P4 Terrarium Workshop and Si Ling Open House 

The Environment Ambassadors also receive trainings that equip them with leadership skills so that they can lead their peers in organising environment-related activities. They also pick up communication and presentation skills that allow them to share environmental messages and knowledge of more advanced concepts in environmental science effectively. Trainings include:

  • Si Ling Environment Ambassadors Training 
  • NEA Environment Champion Workshop 
  • SGA Workshop 
  • Biodiversity Workshop

SciEinsteins Club

To cater to students who are passionate about the environment, we conduct activities that allow them to pursue their interests. They mostly carry out experiments related to environmental science and prepare resources to support activities related to environmental conservation such as the iCARE Week and the Si Ling Open House. They also do planting in school premises.
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