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Activities and Programmes

Science Assembly

What is the memory span of the average goldfish?  Is it truly only 3 seconds?  This is one of the questions posed during the assembly talk.  Teachers walk through with pupils with videos and demonstrations to elicit questions, plan procedures and, analyse data and observations to unravel the posed questions.  Through these presentations, we are encouraging our pupils to:

  • Be excited about science
  • Value science as an important tool to explore the world
  • Ask questions and think like a scientist – observe, infer, predict and communicate


Lower Primary Science

What is that smell?  Do you hear that? Questions buzzed among the swarm of pupils, waiting for their turn to use their five senses to explore different kinds of objects.  These hands-on opportunities aim to:

  • Arouse interest in the learning of Science
  • Introduce some of the process skills – Observing, Comparing, Classifying and Communicating
Look at the stations I have completed!
Sense of Smell Station

Build a Boat

‘Teacher, when are we going to sail our boat?’

This was commonly heard in the classrooms across the level for the past few Science lessons.

During the week, pupils carried out tests to investigate the properties of materials. They then applied what they have learnt about the different types of materials to build boats, using recycled materials such as plastic bottles, milk cartons and cardboards. Through this activity, pupils chose the most suitable materials to build the different parts of the boat. The most rewarding experience is to see their creations sail across the pond gracefully while remaining afloat!

Using recycling materials to build boats
Posing with their creations
I am ready to sail the boat!