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Activities and Programmes

Primary 5 Camp

The objective of this camp is to:

  • foster a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among the pupils
  • develop a responsibility, leadership and decision making skills
  • expose pupils to various outdoor activities and build their resilience through these activities
  • develop in our pupils the respect for one another as they interact and manage challenges together

 Through this camp, the majority of students showed a willingness to step outside their comfort zones, to take calculated risks and displayed a high degree of self-awareness and confidence to overcome the challenges and obstacles thrown at them in the course of the camp. Teamwork was apparent and it was indeed heart warming to to see the pupils go the extra mile for one another. Being grouped within their own classes, the students were able to forge stronger bonds and better understanding, appreciate the different perspectives and values of their friends and displaying a warm and pleasant sense of belonging to the cohort.   


Innovative Games

A 10-week programme which allows the Primary 6 pupils to showcase their creativity and critical thinking skills. Pupils will come up with an original game of their own, tapping on the game concepts/skills which they have acquired throughout the 6 years in Si Ling Primary. They will decide on the game rules, conduct dry-runs and modify the games to ensure safety, fun factor and fair play. The pupils will also get to work on their ICT and communication skills as they present their game in a PowerPoint presentation.

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 Video Analysis 

Pupils are exposed to the use of iPads for video analysis during PE lessons. Slow motion replay of movement is used to focus on correct techniques and also game play concepts such as space awareness. Peer feedback can be done with the videos to promote effective communication and teamwork as they encourage each other to strive for excellence.



Sport Education

Pupils take turns to be the team manager/coach of their teams while learning a new sport. Instructions will only be given to the team manager, and they will be the ones guiding and coaching their peers. This creates a platform for every pupil to take up leadership roles and the authentic setting helps put teamwork in action.

Primary 3 Swimsafer Programme

SwimSafer is a national water safety programme in Singapore organised by Sport Singapore. The programme aims to provide pupils with the knowledge and skills for water safety and self-preservation in water, as well as basic swimming competencies. The ability to swim is part of movement education within the PE Syllabus meant for all pupils in MOE schools. These knowledge and skills are also essential for a child’s safety. The programme is conducted at Woodlands Swimming Complex.

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