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Events and Programme

Our mathematics programme and events are organised to arouse interest in pupils in the learning of mathematics. These programme allows pupils to learn mathematics in a fun and enjoyable way. At the same time, they also see the application of mathematics in real authentic situation which motivates them to learn mathematics.

1. Mathematics Trail (Primary 1-6)

Mathematics Trail is an interactive way to learn mathematics beyond the classroom and textbooks. Using mathematics trail, pupils can see and experience mathematics concepts that are applied in their daily activities and things around them. Through the use of I-pad, pupils are able to move about answering questions using the camera function, recording of video to answer and explain their answers. They also engaged in cooperative learning as they work collaboratively to complete the assigned tasks. For P5 pupils, they have the opportunity to have their mathematics trail at Changi Airport.

using ipad.jpg

Pupils using the i-pad to solve 
the challenging puzzles
maths trail changi airport.jpg
Pupils reading the information on the board to find the cheaper type of transportation
maths trail metre ruler.jpg
Pupils using the metre ruler to identify which object is more or less than a metre
math trail footprint.jpg
Pupils using footprint to measure the length of a wall.
Math trail pic 2.JPG
Pupils finding the direction of the control tower from terminal 3

2. Learning Journey

One of the best ways to broaden our minds is to travel and be exposed to the world.  Learning journey encourage pupils to learn not only through the classroom but also through experiential learning, giving them the chance to break out of their academic routine.  

learning journeys pic 1.jpeg
Pupils connect the topic on Money to the buying of groceries at the supermarket
learning journeys pic 2.jpeg
Pupils working with their classmates to decide what to buy for the class party

3. Math Fun Week 

Math fun week is held annually to engage pupils with fun-filled mathematics activities during the recess.  Pupils get to explore and learn more about mathematics through games and play!

Math fun week pic 1.JPG
Pupils finding the fraction of the number of 
cups they have knocked down
Math fun week pic 2.jpg
Pupils finding the direction of Scooby from Velma

4. Play and Learn Mathematics (PALM)

The play and learn mathematics (PALM) programme get pupils to apply their mathematical concepts in projects. Pupils develop 21 CC skills through planning, crafting and designing these projects.




Pupils write a mathematical story/poem/jingle. They apply what they learnt on addition and subtraction to write mathematical stories.


Pupils weigh the flour and measure the amount of water to make the dough before writing a recipe on making the pizza.


Before going to the Zoo for their learning journey, pupils plan an itinerary for a day at the Zoo using what they have learnt in the topic time.


Pupils design and create a mathematics game using any mathematical concepts they have learnt.


Pupils create a video to teach a mathematical concept to their friends.


Pupils design and create a mathematics trail in school for their primary 5 peers.

PALM Pic 1 - Copy.JPG
Pupils making their dough for their mini pizza
PALM 2 - Copy.JPG

Pupils demonstrated their creativity by making heart shaped dough for their mini pizza
IMG_0304 e.jpg
IMG_0306 e.jpg
Math game created by pupils.

5. The Mathematical Olympiad Workshop

The mathematical olympiad workshop is organized for our Primary 3 to 6 pupils. This workshop exposes pupils to higher order thinking (HOT) questions and equip them with strategies on how to solve challenging problems.

Through the workshop, pupils will:
    • understand and appreciate the different problem-solving techniques
    • solve different types of primary mathematical olympiad questions
    • apply the best techniques on a given problem with more confidence

6. Mathematics Competitions

Pupils are encouraged to participate in the following mathematics competitions. These competitions provide a platform for pupils to demonstrate their mathematics skills learnt and also motivate them to strive for excellence in the learning of mathematics.

NMOS:National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore ( NMO∑ ) is  an annual national competition organized by the NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
SMOPS:Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary School organised by Hwa Chong Institution
RIPMWC:Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest

Mathematical Olympiade.jpg

Pupil receiving an award in the mathematics competitions

7. Mathematics Quiz

Mathematics quiz is held fortnightly to provide opportunities for pupils to apply mathematical skills in a fun and innovative way as well as develop their positive attitudes towards mathematics.