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ILearn Programme

All Primary 3 and 4 students are provided with a learning device for learning to take place both in school and at home throughout the year. Teachers will be using similar learning devices for instruction, assignments, projects and research. By equipping each student with a learning device, all students will be given the opportunity to learn through new methodology, resources and information.

  • Develop learners to be Self-directed and Collaborative 
  • Equip pupils with 21st Century Skills

Parent’s Briefing Presentation Slides

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) 

If you are comfortable sending a personal device with your child/ward to school, please be aware that responsible use and securing the device is the responsibility of your child/ward. If you feel the personal device is not safe at school, then it should remain at home. Teachers have a plan to assist in keeping personal devices secure; however, ultimately students are responsible for lost, stolen and/or damaged personal devices. 

For more information on BYOD, please contact your child’s Form Teacher.

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