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Reading is one of the cornerstones of language acquisition. In our school, other than the reading lessons and activities in the STELLAR curriculum, we have our own level-wide reading programmes. Through these programmes, we aim to inculcate in our students a love for reading by exposing them to a variety of genres and text types.

At Primary 1 and 2, the Reading A-Z programme provides students with access to an abundance of engaging and developmentally appropriate text. Using the collection of leveled fiction and non-fiction books, students are taught key reading skills, including fluency, comprehension, writing, and vocabulary.

 At Primary 3, poetry is introduced. Students are taught the features of poetry and learn about expression and perspective. Besides reciting poems, students decipher and analyse them and pen their own creations too.

The school subscribes for all our Primary 4 students the Little Red Dot newspapers to get them interested in current affairs through the activities in the newspapers. Through reading the news articles, students encounter other forms of writing styles and enhance their vocabulary too.

At Primary 5, students progress to reading The Straits Times, which the school subscribes for them. On top of the vocabulary and exposure aspects mentioned above, students practise the skills of summarizing, evaluating information and expressing opinions.

Through the use of these additional resources, we seek to provide our students a holistic suite of reading programmes to motivate them to read and sustain their interest in reading.