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National Education/ Character and Citizenship Education

National Education (NE)

In Si Ling Primary School, we believe in active citizenship among our students. As such, National Education (NE) allow our students to explore and examine their identity as citizens in relation to society and the world, and arrive at a common set of ideals and values. In 2017, NE is anchored on the following citizenship dispositions; 

There will be four NE Commemorative Days that we commemorate in Si Ling Primary School; Total Defence Day (TDD), International Friendship Day (IFD), Racial Harmony Day (RHD) and National Day. For each commemorative day, there will be customize learning activities and follow up programmes. 

As for a cohort experience, it ranges from the Museum-based Learning programme for Primary 4 students with specific connections to Social Studies and Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), Primary 5 NE Show and NE Quiz for our Primary 6 students.

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

Si Ling Primary school’s vision of ‘Every Si Ling pupil a scholar who Leads and Serves’ are premised on CCE core values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Harmony. This is to provide a holistic experiences for the physical, leadership, social and moral development of our students for the betterment of self and society. 

With this integration, the learning of CCE are infused across our different existing programes , such as Civics and Moral Education (CME), National Education (NE), Cyber Wellness, Sexuality Education, Education Career Guidance (ECG) and Values In Action (VIA).

Total Defence Day

Si Ling Primary School commemorated Total Defence Day (TDD) to renew our commitment to keep Singapore safe and strong. The theme for TDD is Together We Keep Singapore Strong. The TDD’s special assembly programme showcased our very own teachers, Mr Johan and Mr Hilmi, sharing their National Service (NS) experiences while wearing their respective NS uniforms. 

DSC07745 - Copy.JPG
Various exciting recess activities like camouflage face painting and live first aid demonstration were carried by our teachers and parent volunteers. It was definitely a fun and enriching experience for our students.


Commemoration of TDD 2019 continues in Si Ling Primary with a static display by Singapore Police Force (SPF). Students are given the chance to put on Police First Responder tactical equipment such as helmets, vests, shields and batons. They sure have a fun time interacting with the Police officers!


Racial Harmony Day

The theme for this year’s RHD was Diversity, Our Strength. Since the founding of Singapore in 1819, we have always been a community that has tapped on the strengths of our differences in the pursuit of a common goal to make Singapore our home.

Racial Harmony Day serves to remind our pupils that social division can cost us dearly and that race and religion are potential fault lines in Singapore society. It is a day for us to reflect on, and celebrate our success as a harmonious nation and a society which is built on a rich diversity of cultures and heritages.

National Day

The school celebrated National Day with a dance workout and classroom activities. The classroom activities comprised of building of Singapore landmarks through LEGO, writing a kindness mail on things that made the pupils’ feel proud living in Singapore and what they are grateful for. In the hall, the pupils and staff participated in the dance workout, watched snippets of the NE show that the Primary 5 pupils have attended. A group of Primary 5 and Primary 4 pupils performed a skit named; ‘Attack of The Swordfish’. In addition, pupils and teachers dedicated their birthday wishes for the Nation through video montage too. The concert ended with a sing-along session that got the pupils and staffs singing to the tune of some National Day songs.


International Friendship Day

Our school commemorated International Friendship Day (IFD) to emphasize the importance for Singapore to maintain good relations with our neighbouring ASEAN countries and the theme for this year is “Connected Communities”. The ASEAN country, which we focused on, was Vietnam. Our talented pupil emcees shared pictures and videos about Vietnam, such as the demographics, places of interest, festivals, food and culture. The assembly ended beautifully with three of our parent volunteers performing a traditional Vietnamese dance for our pupils.

In order to encourage our pupils to celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of the different cultures of people from different backgrounds, particularly Vietnam, we create opportunities for our pupils to be immersed in Vietnamese culture through various activities during recess. Our pupils had the opportunity to try Vietnamese food such as glass noodle, spring rolls and mango sticky rice, prepared by our canteen vendors. They also had fun creating paper fans and took photos of themselves donning the Vietnamese costumes and accessories at the photo booth. There was also an online quiz through the use of iPad to test their knowledge about Vietnam. CCE lessons were also carried out to enable pupils to build their knowledge and understanding on ASEAN.

It was indeed an enjoyable and memorable week for our pupils!

Our pupil emcees and teacher did a wonderful job, sharing with their friends about ASEAN and Vietnam.

Our dedicated parent volunteers, performed a beautiful Vietnamese traditional dance 
to our teachers and pupils.

Our pupils had fun taking photos of themselves donning the Vietnamese costumes and 
accessories at the photo booth.

Our parent volunteers assisted  our pupils in creating their own paper fan, 
one of Vietnamese popular handicraft.

Our pupils were enjoying variety Vietnamese dishes such as Mango Xoi and Pho Noodle.