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Education Career Guidance (ECG)

Education Career Guidance (ECG) is a 6-year progressive programme that aims to develop an
awareness and interest in occupations among the pupils, develop curiosity and fantasize about
occupations, and to introduce pupils to the wide array of occupations, helping them to
understand themselves, in particular, their skills and interests in relation to the world of work.

Primary 1 & 2Introduction to 4 jobs per year based on pupils’ interest 
Introduce uniform jobs to pupils
Primary 3Using ICT Game to introduce jobs
 Primary 4Booklet <I am a Reporter>
 SMART booklet
 Primary 5Basic writing resume skills
 Introduction to My SkillsFuture Portal
 Primary 6My SkillsFuture Portal
“I am a Young Entrepreneur”. 


ECG Talk for the Lower Primary Pupils

Introducing uniform jobs to our pupils

Using ICT Game to introduce jobs

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“I am a Young Entrepreneur” Activity Day