What do Brownies do?
  • We learn new skills
  • We join competitions
Teachers-in-charge: Mdm Ruth Yaap, Mdm Josephine Loh, Mdm Wu Sufang

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"Girl Greatness starts here"

SciEinsteins Club

We aim to inspire joy in the learning of science through experimentation and exploration. We uncover mysteries behind how everyday things work and discover new facts about the environment around us. We also learn to show respect and care for the earth and provide opportunities for our pupils to lead one another. 

Teachers-in-charge: Ms Anita S, Ms Teo Shi Hui, Mdm Ruthra

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Infocomm Club

Infocomm Club:
  • where fun, collaboration, planning, building and problem-solving co-exist to make this world a better place
  • where passion, creativity, imagination and planning combined together to produce a work of art
  • Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2019 Exhibition

Teachers-in-charge: Mdm Hazline Buang, Mrs Cynthia Theseira, Mdm Noor Aisya


Planning in Photography
infocomm photography 20 3.png
Members worked together to program and assemble their robot

Art Club

Through Art, we hope to: 
  • develop knowledge and skills in various Art forms (Experience)   
  • provide students with platform and opportunities to showcase talents and become confident speakers of their work of Art (Exposure)
  • provide opportunities for students to participate in competitions (Excellence)
Teachers-in-charge: Mdm Fadlinah Saban, Ms Siti Horrianie, Mdm Normah

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