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Alumni Testimonial

Cyril Ezra Pamintuan Garcia - 6 Perseverance (2018)

Anglo-Chinese School (Barker)

"Through my 6 years of Si Ling. I learnt that what you want to get has to be worked hard for and not passed to you. The teachers in my CCA and Subjects were very caring and were willing to give 110% even though they are tired. The teachers were very hands-on and gave us fun activities for learning. My CCA teacher and Coach gave their full support on our team through ups and downs. Going to school in Si Ling was definitely one of my memorable moments as of now. I learnt to be A Scholar Who Leads And Serves"

Amisha Vora - 6 Solidarity (2018) 

Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary), Year 1

1Alumi6 6.png
"My Si Ling experience was very memorable and meaningful. I had very good friends and teachers in Si Ling. I  had a lot of fun in both my CCAs and I was also able to develop my talents and interest in my CCAs. Si Ling has many platforms for students to showcase and pursue the talents.Si Ling also has many activities to nurture students to become better citizens."

Navalingem Amirna - 6 Respect (2017)

Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary), Year 2

"I am so grateful that I was in SLPS. It was a place where I developed as a person. There were many understanding and supportive teachers who helped me in my journey of growth. There were also many opportunities given to the students to step up and take lead Overall, SLPS is an amazing place to learn and grow into a scholar who leads and serves!"

Nur Allyssya Binte Sallehuddin - 6 Solidarity (2017)

Currently in Singapore Sports School’s through-train program (Silat)

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I’m very proud to be an ex student from SLPS as SLPS has really developed me as a person. SLPS has alot of caring teachers who will always encourage you and guide you along the way. I had a wonderful time participating in various bonding activities that the teachers had planned such as leadership camps, P5 camps and many more. Without the help of the teachers and principal, I would not be where i am now therefore I want to specially thank them for all of their hard work.

Matthew Yeo - 6 Perseverance (2016)

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science, Year 3

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"SLPS was a place that nurtured me and allowed me to develop as a person in the six years that I studied there. The school has many caring and supporting teachers who would guide you along the way.  I had leadership opportunities in the school for example, as a prefect, I learnt the basics of being a leader and this has served as a stepping stone for my leadership in NUS High School."

Isha Chandra Gowda - 6 Solidarity (2016)

St Margaret’s Secondary School, Secondary 3

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"The dedicated and caring teachers at Si Ling Primary School have really helped me grow as a person academically and morally. They have always emphasised on the importance of right moral values and how to be a person of integrity and respect. My entire primary school experience was well-rounded and I couldn't be more proud to say I was a student of SLPS. Certainly, Si Ling has changed my life and I cannot thank the teachers enough for their unconditional love, care and support for an amazing six years. Thank you, SLPS!"

Cherlin Sia Jia Yi - 6 Solidarity (2013)

Singapore Sports School’s through-train program: Diploma in Business Studies (Entrepreneurship Management) BS-EMGT, Year 1

"My experience in SLPS was a very memorable one. It was where I met most of my best friends and teachers. The activities such as camps the school organized for us really taught me the values of the school and made me who I am today.
I vividly remember a Cambodia trip we all went on… we had difficulties communicating with the local kids due to the language barrier  but the teachers encouraged us and led us to come up with innovative ways to engage the children there. It was truly a wonderful experience for all of us!"

Arun Rajesh Alagashika - 6 Solidarity (2018)

NUS High School

"My six years in Si Ling were very fruitful and I had thoroughly enjoyed myself. My teachers were willing to teach us even though it means sacrificing their family time. I had made many friends and learnt a lot through the many platforms the school had provided us. My teachers planned many activities for us such that we can learn and understand the concepts better. My CCA was very interesting and it certainly had helped me for my secondary school. I have learnt to be A Scholar Who Leads and Serves."

Felix Yeo Kee - 6 Perseverance (2018)

Nan Hua High School, Year 1

"As I write about my experience, I am still reminded about our school vision,"Every Si Ling pupil a scholar who leads and serves." I find this to be very true, because I know that everyone of us aspires to achieve their own goals, no matter in the academic sector, or the aesthetics.
Not only that, but I also can remember the very lively, yet calming at the same time, conducive environment that everyone else studied in. In this school, everyone gets a chance to learn in a fun and enriching way, and develop our strengths and skills such that we are able to apply them to our future life, or even in secondary school."

Huang Yifan - 6 Solidarity (2014)

National Junior College, J1

huang yi fan.png

"2009 is the year that I came to Singapore. Knowing nothing about English, I was enrolled at Si Ling Primary School and started learning everything from scratch. It was not an easy task, but with the help of the people around me, especially the teachers, being very understanding about my situation. With their help, I was able to break the language barrier and adapt to their education system quickly.
The culture in Si Ling Primary was amazing as it focuses on the students' character development. The 6 core values that the school wanted the students to know at that time were teamwork, innovation, respect and care, integrity, perseverance and sense of loyalty. These 6 values were essential in shaping into what I am today, where I'm being well liked by my peers, having good leadership qualities and being successful in whatever things I do."

Muhammad Shafi Bin Dafri - 6 Integrity (2019)

St. Joseph's Institution, Year 1

"I have been in Si Ling Primary School since 2014 till 2019. My journey here has been full of ups and downs yet fulfilling. There were those happy and sad moments. But what I loved about those moments was that I was never alone. My friends and teachers were always there to support me."