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Alumni Testimonial

Lai Jun Yi 

Graduating year: 2018

Current School: Nan Hua High School

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“I have a lot of memories about life in Si Ling Primary School. One of my favourite was the young entrepreneur event held while I was in Primary 6. We designed our own games, planned and set up game booths for our juniors and kindergarten kids to play. We had lots of fun and learned much from the event as well.”

Muhammad Shafi Bin Dafri

Graduating year: 2019

Current School: St. Joseph's Institution

“Si Ling Primary will always have a special place in my heart. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards all my teachers who had taught me. Especially to Mr Teo, Mrs Tan, Cikgu Fara and Mr Ashri, who had been guiding me through my final years in Si Ling. Lastly, Mrs Tang, the very first teacher who taught me in this school. Before I end, I would like to wish all the primary 6 students of 2020 good luck and all the best for their PSLE. Have fun. Enjoy your final year here with your friends but stay focused.”

Cyril Ezra Pamintuan Garcia

Graduating Year: 2018 

Current School: Anglo-Chinese School (Barker)

"Throughout my 6 years at Si Ling, I learnt that to get what you want you must be prepared to work hard. The teachers are always willing to give 110% even though they are tired. The teachers are very hands-on and provide us fun activities for learning. Going to school in Si Ling is definitely one of my memorable moments. I learnt to be A Scholar Who Leads And Serves."

Amisha Vora 

Graduating year: 2018

Current School: Raffles Girls’ School (Sec)

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"My Si Ling experience was very memorable and meaningful. I have very good friends and teachers in the school. I still remember that during prelim time, when I had doubts, my teacher would come at 6.30 in the morning to clarify my doubts. Si Ling has many platforms for students to showcase and pursue their talents as well as activities to nurture students to become better citizens.”

Felix Yeo Kee 

Graduating year: 2018

Current School: Nan Hua High School

“As I write about my experience, I am still reminded about our school vision,"Every Si Ling pupil a Scholar who Leads and Serves." I find this to be very true, because I know that everyone of us aspires to achieve our own goals, no matter in the academic sector, or the aesthetics.

In Si Ling Primary, everyone gets a chance to learn in a fun and enriching way, and develop our strengths and skills such that we are able to apply them in future.” 

Navalingem Amirna

Graduating year: 2017

Current School: Raffles Girls’ School (Sec)

“I am so grateful that I was in SLPS. It was a place where I developed as a person. There were many understanding and supportive teachers who helped me in my journey of growth. There were also many opportunities given to the students to step up and take lead. Overall, SLPS is an amazing place to learn and grow into a Scholar who Leads and Serves!”

Nur Allyssya Binte Sallehuddin

Graduating year: 2017

Current School: Singapore Sports School

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“I’m very proud to graduate from SLPS. The school has many caring teachers who will always encourage you and guide you along the way. I had a wonderful time participating in various bonding activities that the teachers had planned, such as leadership camps, P5 camps and many more. Without the help of the teachers and principal, I would not be where I am now. I want to specially thank them for all of their hard work!”

Matthew Yeo

Graduating year: 2016

Current School: NUS High School of Mathematics and Science

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“SLPS was a place that nurtured me and allowed me to develop as a person in the six years that I studied there. The school has many caring and supportive teachers who would guide you along the way. I had leadership opportunities in the school, for example, as a prefect, I learnt the basics of being a leader and this has served as a stepping stone for my leadership role in NUS High School.”

Isha Chandra Gowda

Graduating year: 2016

Current School: St Margaret’s Secondary School 

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“The dedicated and caring teachers at Si Ling Primary School have really helped me grow as a person academically and morally. They have always emphasised on the importance of right moral values and how to be a person with integrity and respect for others. My entire primary school experience was well-rounded and I couldn't be more proud to say I was a student of SLPS. Certainly, Si Ling has changed my life and I cannot thank the teachers enough for their unconditional love, care and support for an amazing six years. Thank you, SLPS!"