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We showcase talents (Excellence) through recess performances, art exhibitions, external and competitions at various levels (school, cluster and national). 

Showtime @ SLPS

Showcase of talent during recess has been a big hit so far! We have had many future singers, beatboxers, musicians and dancers performing to large crowds during recess every Thursday or Friday.

art 2021 excellence.png

Termly Art Exhibitions @ SLPS

Showcase is a platform to showcase artworks from our budding artists of all levels. 

art 2021 excellence 2.png

Graduating Students' Mural

Every year, our graduating students learn basic photography skills and they put these skills to use. They capture moments, friendships forged, favourite corners in the school and people they will miss. These photographs are turned into large murals that will always be remembered for years to come. 

grad 2016.jpg

Graduating Classes of 2016

grad 2017.jpg
Graduating Classes of 2017

grad 2018.jpg

Graduating Classes of 2018