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Student Leadership

Following the school’s student leadership pyramid, leadership opportunities and relevant trainings for all pupils are provided – according to every pupil’s leadership capability.

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In level 1, pupils undergo termly trainings to lead them into becoming ‘Leaders of Self and Values’ with the use of our ‘Leaders with Values’ package. The package has booklets catered for each level from Primary 1 to 6 that – along with our school values, teaches pupils to lead themselves into becoming leaders.
All level 2 task-specific student leaders are selected and trained on their task-specific roles by the respective teachers-in-charge to build on their ‘Basic Leadership’. For instance, class leaders are trained by their Form Teachers with the use of the school’s ‘Guide for Classroom Leadership’.
To hone their ‘Advanced Leadership’ and ‘Outstanding Leadership’ skills, all levels 3 and 4 student leaders are trained by the student leadership committee. Amongst these student leaders, a selected group forms the ‘Special-Projects Committee’ where they take charge to lead in school-level programmes like Open House, as well as plan and execute student-led activities like the planning of Teachers’ Day programme and ‘Students’ Suggestion Scheme’ (SSS) - where pupils get a say in the goings of the school. One such suggestion that has been implemented is the introduction of a cupboard of board games for pupils’ play during recess.
All student leaders in levels 2 to 4 have their names and contributions recorded to ensure that due recognition is given to them. Pupils who excel as student leaders will also be awarded the EAGLES (Leadership) Award or the SAC Leadership Award at the end of the year.
Here are some of the school’s key student leadership programmes: