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Activities And Programmes

PE Programmes/Events 


1.     Primary 5 Camp

The objective of this camp is to:

  • foster a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among the pupils
  • develop a responsibility, leadership and decision making skills
  • expose pupils to various outdoor activities and build their resilience through these activities
  • develop in our pupils the respect for one another as they interact and manage challenges together

 Through this camp, the majority of students showed a willingness to step outside their comfort zones, to take calculated risks and displayed a high degree of self-awareness and confidence to overcome the challenges and obstacles thrown at them in the course of the camp. Teamwork was apparent and it was indeed heart warming to to see the pupils go the extra mile for one another. Being grouped within their own classes, the students were able to forge stronger bonds and better understanding, appreciate the different perspectives and values of their friends and displaying a warm and pleasant sense of belonging to the cohort.

2.        SEP Inline Skating

As part of the Sports Education Programme, the Primary 4 pupils participated in a two day inline skating course for beginners to pick up the basics of inline skating. This programme hopes to give pupils an opportunity to experience new sporting activities that are otherwise inaccessible to them. Through participation in novel sports activities, we hope our pupils can acquire the values of perseverance and resilience.

3.        Annual Sports Carnival

Our Annual Sports Carnival is a showcase our school’s spirit of sporting excellence and participation. Pupils and staff from the Primary 3 to Primary 6 level took part in an array of track and relay style events in a bid to become the champion house. The numerous practice and lead-up to this event also allowed opportunities for greater bonding between pupils and staff.

4.            Primary 1/2 Games Day

The objective of the game days is to make physical activities fun and thus inculcate

in the pupils the love of physical activities.  They also introduce to the pupils varied ways of having fun while being physically active besides their normal PE lessons.  Primary 1 played Parachute, Beach Ball Juggle and Hula Hoop Chain Pass for fun while Primary 2 competed in Knock Me Down, Scoop Me Up and Jig Saw Craze.  Medals were given to the winners of Primary 2 games to further encourage them.

5.            Primary 1/2 Sports Hub

Primary 1/2 Sports Hub was introduced during their respective recesses on certain days as an additional avenue for pupils to practise what they have learnt in their PE lessons.  To provide novelty and further fun factors, other game-like activities were added.  It is yet another way to reinforce in the pupils the fun they can have anytime anywhere while engaging in physical activities.