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School Uniform

Boy’s School Attire


Girl's School AttireGirlUniform.jpg

Name tag must be ironed onto the uniform, directly above the pocket. The shirt/T-shirt must be tucked in at all times. Only white socks and white canvas shoes should be worn.

School PE Attire

For BoysBoyPE.jpg

For Girls

All pupils must be in their PE attire during PE lessons.

Primary 1 and 2:
All pupils can remain in their PE attire throughout the whole day.

Primary 3 to 6:
Girls are put on their skirts after the PE lessons. Boys can remain in their PE attire throughout the whole day. 

Approved Hairstyles

Pupils must keep their hair neat and the fringe must be above the eyebrows. Pupils are not allowed to highlight or colour their hair.

boy front.jpgboy side.jpgboy back.jpg


Boys must keep their hair short, neat and tidy. Hair must be evenly cropped all around, not touching the ears, eyebrows or the collar. Sideburns must be trimmed and should not extend beyond the middle level of the ear.

girl front short.jpggirl side short.jpggirl back short.jpg
girl front.jpggirl side.jpggirl back.jpg


Girls with hair length beyond the collar must tie their hair up neatly. Hair fringe touching the eyebrow should be held back with their band or pinned up. Only black or dark brown hair bands and hair clips are allowed.