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Open House

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Mark this date on your calendar! 8th of July 2017. We are having an Open House at Si Ling Primary School and have organised an amazing line-up of activities from 9am – 12pm.

Our uniquely planned Open House incorporates an Amazing Race and Sharing Sessions so that you can find out more about the history and programmes in our school through interactive and fun activities.

We know how precious your weekends are spending time with your children so taking part in the Amazing Race together would be a fantastic way to bond with them. If you have a child from 4 to 6 years old, sign up now for the race! The race will be run twice, so remember to sign up for either the first run which is at 9am or the second run at 11am.
Please click here to register for Amazing Race.

The Sharing Sessions are conducted from 10am to 11am so you can attend it even if you are entering the race. We have a variety of topics from English and Math programmes to Tips on Your Child’s Transition to Primary One. As these sessions run for 30 minutes each, you can sign up for 2 sessions. Below is the synopsis of each session to help you decide on which session to attend.
Please click here to register for Sharing Session.


Tips on Transition to Primary 1

Tips on how to prepare your child for Primary 1. What are the expectations?


Relationship Building: Parent-Child Bonding

Learn about the different activities that we organise throughout the year that help to build strong parent-child relationships. You will also gain some tips and insights into the importance of building a strong relationship with your child.


Science Environment Conservation (Making A Terrarium)

Participants will learn the importance of plants in the environment. They will build a mini-terrarium during the session.


Primary One English Programmes

A sharing on English programmes and activities for Pri 1 pupils


Primary One Math Programmes

A sharing on Maths programmes and activities for Pri 1 pupils