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Principal's Message


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Dear Parents/Guardians,

We welcome back our pupils from the June holidays. We hope you had a good bonding time with your children during the break. We would also like to encourage our pupils to start their education journey with a strong commitment for the second semester of this year.

Thank You Teachers

We want to thank our teachers for going out of their way to organize programmes, activities as well as remedial and enrichment lessons during the June holidays. Our Primary 6 pupils came back for three days to receive extra help from our dedicated teachers.

Pri 5 Educational Trip to Chiang Mai

We are thankful to our VP Ms Jasmine Tan and four of our teachers who brought 24 of our pupils to Chiang Mai during the June holidays for an educational trip to Ban Phamued School. Besides the visit and interactions with the pupils in the school, they were brought to cultural sites to learn more about Thai culture. The school hopes that our pupils have gained a deeper understanding of the Thai culture and will develop long term relationships with the Thai friends that they have made.

Staff Training

Some of our teachers went through four afternoons of First Aid course to equip themselves with the necessary skills to help our pupils.

A few staff members also attended the International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology (iCTLT) during the June holidays.

The entire staff attended two days of intensive workshops on the Student Learning Space (SLS) and Singapore Teacher Practice (STP) framework before school reopened. All these were planned for our staff so that they would be well-prepared in leading our pupils in the 21st Century. We also hope that our teachers’ desire to learn and to better themselves will be a great example for our pupils.

TRUMP-KIM Summit in Singapore

We are proud that Singapore played an important role in world peace by hosting the TRUMP-KIM Summit. This is a great moment for Singaporeans to be proud of our country. The excellent work of our people is a great testimony of the responsible and hardworking Singaporean. We are proud that we have made a significant contribution to this milestone event and glad that it was successfully carried out.

Open House cum Woodgrove Family Day – Saturday 7 July 2018

We will be holding our Open House this year on Saturday, 7 July and we would like to invite you to join us on that day. We are glad that we have support from Woodgrove CCC to help us organise the event so as to bring in more residents. We always look forward to collaborating with our community and this is one of the efforts by our school staff in engaging our community and partners.

NE Show – Saturday 14 July 2018

On Saturday, 14 July, the Primary 5 pupils will once again be going for the NE Show. There will be a separate circular for the Primary 5 parents where we will share more details on the event. This event is compulsory for all Singaporeans as it is part of our nation-building efforts.

Cultural Exchange with pupils from Chongqing, China

This is the fourth year we are having the exchange programme with the pupils from Chongqing, China. Some of our (2017) Primary 5 pupils went to Chongqing last year and they in turn will come to visit our school this year.

This is another of our initiatives to equip and prepare our pupils for the future where we will be global citizens.

Our pupils have always enjoyed such interactions and we look forward to their visits. The staff and pupils from Jin Shan Elementary School, Chongqing will be in our school from 23 – 24 July this year. We look forward to the pupils learning from one another during their interactions.

Remedial/Enrichment classes in Term 3

To help our Primary 6 pupils to improve in their studies, the Primary 6 teachers will be conducting a number of remedial/enrichment classes in Term 3. We will be providing more details of these classes in a separate circular to Primary 6 parents. We would like to encourage our parents to support their children by ensuring they attend these classes. It takes all of us working together to bring about success for our pupils.

Temperature Taking Exercise

As part of our school’s continuous effort in safeguarding the health of our students, the school will be conducting a temperature taking exercise on Thursday, 28 June. All pupils are to bring their own oral digital thermometers and ensure that their thermometers are in good working condition. New thermometers can be purchased from the school bookshop at $4.50 each.

Primary 1 Registration

The registration exercise commences with Phase 1 on Thursday, 28 June. Please refer to the table below for the dates for the various phases of the registration exercise. We would like to encourage you to continue your support for the school by promoting the school to your friends and relatives. Your endorsement of the school will also be a great encouragement for the school staff.




28 & 29 June


4 July


11 & 12 July


19 & 20 July


31 July to 2 August

2C Supplementary

14 & 15 August

Racial Harmony Day

We will be commemorating Racial Harmony Day on Friday, 20 July. Racial harmony is one of the important pillars of our country and we need to constantly remind ourselves to play our part in instilling the importance of racial harmony in our young ones. Let us do our part for nation building.

National Day

We will be celebrating National Day in school on Wednesday, 8 August. School will function from 7.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. Pupils are encouraged to be dressed in red/ white tops and uniform shorts/skirts on that day. The day after National Day, Friday, 10 August is a school holiday and school will resume on Monday, 13 August. This is the time when we celebrate our nation building together and be grateful for the peace and prosperity we have which is the envy of other countries. Let us not take this peace and prosperity for granted but instead, continue to do our part to preserve them for the future.

PSLE Oral Examination

The PSLE Oral examination will be held on Thursday, 16 August and Friday, 17 August. We wish our Primary 6 pupils well for this important exam. Primary 1 to 5 pupils need not attend school on these two days.

PSLE Preliminary Examination

We will be holding our PSLE Preliminary Examination for our Primary 6 pupils starting with the Oral Examination on 1 and 2 August and Higher Mother Tongue written papers on 13 August while the examination for the other subjects will take place from 20 to 29 August. Based on the examination results, the teachers will look into areas in which our pupils need additional help. On the home front, you can support your child by providing him/her a conducive environment to study in.

Home-based learning

During the PSLE Oral examination on Thursday, 16 August and Friday, 17 August, we will be conducting a home-based learning exercise for Primary 1 to 5 pupils. Pupils will be able to access the lessons prepared by the teachers through the Student Learning Space (SLS) which every pupil has access to. This is an important exercise as it prepares our pupils to be 21st century learners who are self-directed and proactive in learning.

Inter-house Sports Carnival

To promote healthy living and active lifestyle in our pupils, we are organizing the Inter-house Sports Carnival for Primary 3-6 pupils. Through this event, we hope that the pupils will be able to enjoy sports and put the School’s SPIRIT values into practice. It will be conducted in school on different days for the various levels. The dates of the event are as follows:



Primary 3

Tuesday, 17 July

Primary 4

Wednesday, 11 July

Primary 5

Thursday, 5 July

Primary 6

Friday, 29 June


The annual NAPFA test will be conducted in Term 3 for Primary 4 and Primary 6 pupils The details are as follow:

Primary 4

5 Stations Test

Tuesday, 24 July

After School

1.6 KM Run

Thursday, 26 July

During Curriculum Time

Primary 6

5 Stations Test

Thursday, 26 July

After School

1.6 KM Run

Thursday, 24 July

During Curriculum Time

Teachers’ Day Celebration

We will be celebrating Teachers’ Day on Thursday, 30 August. Please note that curriculum time will continue as per normal and lessons will resume after the celebrations. 31 August is Teachers’ Day, a school holiday.

  Strive for Progress Lim Chew Hiong Richard Principal

27 June 2018