Values in Action

Primary 3 VIA – Cleanliness Appreciation Day

Pupils  learn to appreciate our school cleaners’ contributions and thank them for always being there to take care of our school and well being. They design design a Thank You card or a 3D model to show our appreciation to our school cleaners. 

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Primary 4 VIA – Showing our Appreciation to Non- Teaching Staff

As part of our Values-in-Action, the Primary 4 pupils are involved in a project by showing their appreciation to our Non-Teaching Staff this year. The staffs include the admin, ICT, SPE, librarian, canteen vendors, security guards and dental therapist. 

The objective of our project is to understand their dedication and sacrifices serving the school, know them by their names and job designations and to thank them for their great work in ensuring that the school is a better place to be. 

Pupils made them appreciation cards and presented to them. 

During the recess, the pupils were encouraged to take part in the planned activities/games such as “Match the Staff to Their Names and Jobs” at the game corner and win attractive prizes like ice cream stick bookmarks, which were specially handcrafted by the Friend of Singa Ambassadors. 

Pupils were also encouraged to write “Thank You” note at the appreciation corner. 


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Pupils At Work During FTGP

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Recess Activity 

Primary 5 Values-In-Action

The Primary 5 pupils were involved in Canteen Cleanliness as part of the Value-In-Action programme in school. This programme was introduced to inculcate in pupils good habits such as responsibility and
care for the school environment.

Pupils carried out the cleaning after their recess for a week. Through these cleaning activities, pupils also learnt the hardships faced by the cleanliness support staff and they appreciated them more for their
contribution to the school.
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Primary 6 VIA – 
I am a Young Entrepreneur

As part of our Values in Action, Primary 6 pupils are prepared to be young entrepreneur through “occupational experience” for the real world. They are encouraged to lead themselves via self-directed learning. By developing their leadership traits also enable them to enact on our school values in the activities and platforms provided. All these will lead the pupils to be active contributors in creating value for the community around them. 


VIA – Share A Meal (SAM)


What is share a meal?

Crisis response fund to support families facing:
  • Death
  • Major illness or
  • Accident of the breadwinner
Proceeds raised: 
  • Help vulnerable students and their families  

Why share a meal?

Opportunity to GIVE and SHARE with the less privileged amongst us, 


How do we share a meal?

Put a small sum equivalent to what we would spend on one meal into the Share-A-Meal donation tins
Let's encourage one another to “share a meal” with the friends who need help.

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Classroom Cleanliness

Keeping our classrooms clean is a very important routine in our school. Just before school dismissal, our pupils work in groups and spend five minutes doing some light cleaning, such as picking up litter, sweeping the floor and arranging the furniture.

Termly classroom cleanliness checks are conducted and Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates are awarded to the classes, which display clean and tidy classrooms.

This move aims to help our pupils build character and learn a little about self-reliance and looking after themselves.